Enjoy the online shopping with interactive communication through Numano.

Numano revolutionizes your online shopping journey by integrating Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Immerse yourself in a cutting-edge shopping experience where interactive communication and VR innovation come together for a uniquely personalized and convenient service.

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Tranditional online shopping is not shopping, it is just buying.It lacks Communications

Offline shopping is fulfilled with communication between:

  • Seller and shopper
  • Shopper and their friends
  • Shopper and other shoppers

NUMANO: Virtual Market, Real Connections.

Tranditional Online Shopping + New Experience = NUMANO Platform

New Experience means:

VR (Entrance)

Virtual Market (Buying)

Communication tools

Data Analysis

Our team


Founder & CEO

  • Business owner with over 5 years of e-commerce experience
  • CS master, IT expert who has honed IT skills for 10 years in a Fortune 500 company
  • SEO skill. Recently promoted an AI-related website that gained over 100,000 visits/month just within two months



  • Founder of an e-commerce company.
  • Focus on efficiency and quality. Vital role in steering day-to-day operations


Product manager

  • Product specialist who is very familiar with China, including Chinese suppliers, systems, and culture, and has a profound understanding of the supply chain.

Ehsan Daneshgar


  • Founder of LaunchPath Inc. located in Toronto, helping entrepreneurs launch a Canadian business.
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